Quality policy

POLICY of the FLLC «UNIS nefteprojekt» in the field of quality

The purpose of the quality policy

Our main purpose is to improve the quality grade of design works for Customer/ Client satisfaction and increase the economic efficiency of the FLLC «UNIS nefteprojekt».

Major tasks in the field of quality

  • Decrease the period of execution of design works with high quality.
  • Image and competitiveness improving of the company.
  • Quality management system implementation and continuing refinement.
  • Opening up of new markets.
  • Prevention and exclusion design products issue with inadequate and unsatisfactory quality.
  • Improve the level of economic standard of well-being of the company.
  • Increase the material welfare of employees.

Ways to achieve the assigned tasks

  • Regular aggregation and analysis of information for the market demand surveillance.
  • Accounting and valuation analysis of customization with the quality of handed over project documentation.
  • Information database generation on the latest innovative activities in the field of engineering design, equipment and software products of preeminents in areas of interest to us.
  • Development, quality management system implementation in compliance with requirements of the STB and ISO 9001, increasing its efficiency and continuing refinement of it.
  • Decision making only on basis of analysis of factual evidence and information.
  • Relationships forming-up with suppliers/vendors in terms of mutual understanding and cooperation.
  • Betterment of methods of organization and the project documentation performing by implementation of the current software for engineering calculations and advanced methods of 3D designing.
  • Planning and carrying out of measures to improve professional skills of employees through a continuous refreshing training and professional development of the personnel qualification.
  • Informing all employees of company of the Quality policy for the purpose of their conscious drawing into the quality management.
  • Quality assurance organizational management that provides the efficient regulated responsibility of all personnel, from an employee to the director, based on the use of ethical and financial work incentives.

The company management takes the responsibility for the ensuring of meeting the requirements and continuous improvement of the quality management system, providing the necessary reserve for implementation of goals and objectives in the field of quality.

A. Abramenko

Director of FLLC «UNIS nefteprojekt»

Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region,
211440, Novopolotsk, Promyishlennaya str., 5

+375 214 758 666