UNIS a.s. is chosen in the capacity of the performer of works for the engineering development «Reconstruction of Hydrocracking plant»

The parent company UNIS a.s. received confirmation of the successful bidder recognition dated to November 29th of the year 2013 for performance of works (services) related to the engineering survey and examination, elaboration of design estimates, delivery of equipment and materials, designer`s supervision including the administration in reconstruction (i.e. the whole project management), equipment contract supervision and startup-setup operations (including the pre-commissioning, commissioning, warranty range) for the engineering development «Reconstruction of Hydrocracking Plant» with the object of productivity boosting at the JSC "Nafthan". The JSC "Nafthan" is the largest refinery in Europe and loyal Customer of "UNIS" and "UNIS nefteprojekt". On this project the FLLC "UNIS nefteprojekt" will develop construction documents and design estimates, as well as carry out field supervision and engineering services.

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