Licenses & Certificates

FLLC «UNIS nefteprojekt» has the following licenses and permits:

Permit to carry out activities in the field of industrial safety issued by the Ministry of Emergencies of the State Industrial Supervision of the Republic of Belarus.

Project development (computer-aided design) of engineering devices used in hazardous manufacturing entities:

  • Pressure equipment with a maximum allowable working pressure greater than 0.07 MPa and water heating temperature over 115°C (vessels, bottoms, tube plates, bayonet locks, fluid level indicators); safety devices (spring-type, lever-operated, pulse valves, pressure safety elements); shut-off, control and special valves for vessels with a diameter of 50 mm or more and working (rated) pressure of more than 3.9 MPa; the pipeline fittings for pipelines subject to registration in Gospromnadzor (Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus);
  • where are obtained, used, processed or refined, generated, stored, eliminated or destructed hazardous substances (recirculating pumps for volatile flammable, flammable, toxic, high-toxic liquids;
  • explosion proof fans: pipe and tube furnace; steel storage tanks for explosive, inflammable, toxic and high-toxic provisions;
  • chemical production process units pressure-operated less than 0,07 MPa (kettles or reactors of various types, heat exchangers of various types, separators, evaporators, fractionators and absorption towers, drying and filtration plants, agitators, crystallizer including their internals);
  • gas analyzers for toxic, high-toxic and explosive materials;
  • automatic control and emergency protection systems for highly explosive (chemically hazardous) processes on the basis of computer technology and/or microprocessor engineering;
  • pressure-relief valves, shutoff valves, wedge gate valves, plug valves and ball cocks, control check valves, back pressure valves;
  • air separation plants equipment, gasificators;
  • seals for running shafts of pumps, compressors, centrifuges and agitators;
  • gasket and sealing materials, items for flanged joints;
  • electrical machinery, apparatus, as well as electric devices in explosion-proof design placed inside the explosion hazard zones;
  • cables and wiring, as well as equipment and devices used for buses cabling and wiring in explosion hazard areas;
  • instrumentation and automation for highly explosion production and facilities;
  • industrial pipe-line components;
  • cyclones, hydrocyclones, air coolers.

Permit to carry out activities in the field of fire safety maintenance issued by the Ministry of Emergencies of the Republic of Belarus.

Permitted works and services making activities on fire safety maintenance:

  • Fire fighting automatic and smoke protection systems design.

Permit to carry out activities in the field of «Design and Construction of buildings and structures of I and II level of responsibility and engineering survey for these purposes» issued by the Ministry of Architecture & Construction of the Republic of Belarus.

Elaboration of design documentation paragraphs and chapters:

  • construction solutions;
  • installation, plumbing systems and networks (heat supply, water supply, gas feeding, sewage and sanitary piping, heating services, ventilation, power supply, electric lighting);
  • process solutions (petrochemical entities and their groups design).

Architect`s office functions (when designing of petrochemical entities).

Permit to perform works related to project planning and development of engineering procedures and manufactures in which are used toxic, high-toxic and potent or drastic substances including their storage, as well as procedures and productions, where explosive hazard atmospheres may occur, issued by the Ministry of Emergencies of the State Industrial Supervision of the Republic of Belarus.




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